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Hello! My name is Emily or Em as most people call me. I have loved designing and decorating since I was little. I've always loved shopping for antiques with my mother, ruffling through wallpaper books (my grandfather owned a wallpaper business in Toronto) and I would tear out samples and always pick new wallpaper for my bedroom or rooms in the house. I went on to study Fine Arts & Design and lived in England working for one of the first dot.coms (ageing myself) sourcing art & antiques. 


I have spent a large portion of my career designing brands and product for major retailers and design icons such as Joe Mimran and Sarah Richardson. 


Over the last 7 years, I have run my own residential design studio called Hatfield Design (named after the town in England where I studied) Hatfield Design is a full service design studio specializing in custom residential interiors. renovations, kitchen and bath design, upholstery and window treatments, decor and finishings.

I understand product and finding the perfect item for your home that fits any budget or decor aesthetic. I am quick, resourceful and listen to my clients and make the process FUN! 

I am extremely passionate about every project and home. I love the process of working with clients on building their dream home!  

I can't wait to work with you!


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